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About:Sleek Body Brides We train for the sport of "Bride"
Sleek Body Brides Bridal Boot Camp is St. Louis' most unique bridal training experience.
I am your trainer! I put my heart and soul into getting you camera ready for your wedding!

Bridal fitness is very specfic and best not left to generic boot camps. Every bride is different and has different goals. Sleek Body Brides combines group personal training and if you like, private sessions. We create a time line based on you!
Sleek Body Method incorporates three vital things in creating a lean, sculpted and sexy body. Combining strength, metabolic work and lengthening with the right nutrition creates lean sexy bodies. Time and time again, SBBrides has created Red Carpet bodies for
sexy St. Louis Brides.

What is included:
1. Unlimited Boot Camp trainings.
2. Over 100 group trainings to choose from. We are open 6 days a week.
3.Personalized Flexible nutrition and meal plans. You eat what you like!
3.Access to over 500 sleek and lean recipes!
4.Secret members only at-home work outs.
5.Members only videos for travel and at home workouts.
6. Personalized workouts, timelines for fittings and special workouts are included.
7. Your workouts are delivered to your smart phone.
About the program:
SBBrides is a boot camp/personal training/nutrition program designed to help brides, grooms, and wedding parties prepare for their event. We utilize specific training techniques that create beautiful lines and symmetry. We also customize workouts to ensure that your dress will lay properly. We focus on timelines for fittings and photography. We will assist you on every aspect of this process. You already have stress. We're here so you have one less thing to worry about.
When should I start?
As soon as possible! We have worked with brides at all stages but find that our best results are achieved if you have completed most of your weight loss before you begin your fittings.
How often do I train? What are the workouts like?
We are open 6 days a week. Most clients train 4-6. You will get your workouts delivered to your mobile device. If you can't make it or have to travel, you have the workouts and how-to videos at your fingertips!

Workouts: All levels can train at every class. Your trainer will help you progress as you get stronger.
Those who are ready can rock the elite level workouts. Every workout can be modified to suit your fitness level!

Our clients are busy moms, business women, results driven and work hard!
About the food plan:
We are an IIFYM Studio. We follow #Flexible Dieting. No food is off limits. I will teach you how to eat the foods you love and still get amazing results. I do not starve my clients.
Health first. You will see your body change because you eat, not because you starve.
I don't work with no carb or low carbers. My clients eat real food. You won't have to carry your food in tupperware to resturants!
What you can expect:
My brides have sleek, toned bodies. We do not do loads of cardio. We lift heavy and get tight and tiny. I will infuse pilates and springboard training into your workouts. We will focus on details so that your wedding day photos are perfection.

My Brides!
sleek body boot camp
"I started my journey,with my awesome coach, Tracy.We used heavy lifting and IIFYM to build muscle and lose fat for my wedding. I'm so happy with the results I have had without starving myself."
Kathy B
sleek body boot camp
Ashley went from a size 12 to a 2! She is a stunning bride. We tailored her workouts to make sure she got exactly the look she wanted for her wedding.
  Julia.. oh look at her results  
Jenny went from an 18 to a 4!
  Emily worked so hard for her transformation! wow!  
Lyndsey lost over 35 inches for her big day! <3
Gorgeous! Deanna reshaped her whole body! xoxo
Abby came to us less than 6 weeks before her wedding.
She followed our program and look at her results!
Jennie wanted a pilates body and her results are perfect!
Starr put her heart and soul into getting in shape
for her wedding day. She sleeked it out! Gorgeous!
Beautiful Tara worked so hard to get read for her wedding!
Her results are amazing. So proud!
Rosa came to SBBrides to tone up for her destination wedding.
She had to buy all new clothes! Her dress fit like a dream!
Elise began SBBrides to tighten and tone & work on her
bikini body. Her dress fit beautifully and she said she loved
her honeymoon body!
Becky wanted to get ready for her destination wedding. She lost
more than 10 pounds! Look at her abs!
^Acutal Sleek Body Bride,Becky, lost 12 pounds!

Bridal Boot Camp in Studio Program
$175 per month

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