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Trainer Tracy

Trainer Tracy
Rob and I


Great physiques are a status symbol.
It used to be that only a few could hire personal trainers! My program will get you the body you want.

Hi, I'm Master Trainer, Tracy H. I'm creator of Sleek Body Method, certified in Sports Nutrition and I am a competitive bikini athlete.

About me: I am 49 years old and started my fitness career 33 years ago when I was 16 years old. Fitness is in my blood. I silvered in the NANBF St. Louis Naturals Bikini Competition in my class. I'm currently training for the 2015 competition season.

I know what it takes to get you in shape.
I am dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals no matter what they are.I care about you and your goals!

My husband, Rob, is my partner and resident bootcamp rockstar. He's been beside me in my fitness career for 20 years! Rob's workouts are epic. Our clients line up for his shoulder trainings.

Our staff consists of a group of amazing trainers/coaches both online a studio, who each bring their own flavor to the workouts. We are so lucky to have them. You will love them, because they share my committment to fitness and your health!

Sleek Body Method is a results driven program.

So... Sleek
Over the years, I've seen traning techniques come and go. Trust me, I know what works and what doesn't. Time and time again, clients came to me from other trainers having not seen the results they wanted. What is important to realize is that generic training produces generic results.

Celebrities don't hire generic trainers to prepare them for movie roles or red carpet events. You are equally important so neither should you.

Have you hired a trainer who gave you a generic program? Generic programs produce generic resutls. Sleek Body is unique. We are a results driven, group personal training program .

Sleek Body Bikini Factory incorporates three vital things in creating a lean, sculpted and sexy body. Strength, Metabolic work,and Lengthening. Combining these priciples with the right nutrition creates healthy,lean sexy bodies.

Are you struggling with your diet? I will teach you how to eat for your physique goals. Flexible Dieting works with YOU and your lifestyle.
Helping you make better food choices will ensure you have the proper nutritional guidance to create lean muscle.
Note: We eat real food. I do not work with low carb or no carb clients.

My Training Camp:
Sleek Body is not an outdoor boot camp. We don't run, scream at you or make you train in the elements. Our grouptrainings are held in my beautiful Soulard Studio.
We work very hard but you will leave each session feeling successful. Our sessions are 55 minutes long but will give you amazing results when you attend 4-6 times a week.

We offer over 112 training sessions a month.

Sleek Body is fun. Our boot campers/ brides/ grooms become friends. You are training along side of like minded, determined people in a positive, fun environment. We socialize together sometimes too. :)

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1990's I have the best job.

We are located at

1721 South 7th Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63104

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